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 Prime Alias

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PostSubject: Prime Alias   Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:05 am

Name: Tasha Rhyne
Psydonym: Prime Alias
Species: Human
Class: Adept
Age: 24

Main Weapon: Monofiloment Whip


Tasha was the only child to a abiding family. One day her father took sympathy on a shadow runner and allowed him temporary sanctuary in their home whilst he recovered from his injuries. The runner returned one day to find Tasha (aged 6) hiding in the back of her bedroom closet, her parents missing and the house overturned. Tasha unable to identify who took the family left the shadowrunner assuming Lonestar or the like had invaded the home and taken the parents as prisoner whilst looking for himself. He ultimately decided the only thing he could be was take the orphaned Tasha under his wing and raise her the only way he knew - as a Shadowrunner.

Tasha now spends her days running missions in the hopes of collecting enough neyeun, contacts and allies to find out what happened to her parents. She has a deep mistrust of any officers of the 'law' and/or the megacorps. She's highly specialized in her main and only weapon, her trusty whip which was given to her by her mentor shadow runner. She has a mild addiction to Bliss, which was encouraged by her mentor as a means of relaxation and release from their hard way of life.

In Game Updates:

- A series of bad decisions on her teams behalf, Prime was captured by Lonestar and infected with vampirism. Lonestar used her in experimental treatment of the disease until she managed to escape. The psychological effect of this incident on Prime were massive, she's now fanatical in her search for her parents and everything she does is oriented towards the one goal. Her reaction to Lonestar is now one of fear and extreme hatred.

- During the escape Tasha is confronted by her past, their path has been blockedbu a cyber zombie which turns out to have once been her father. Valiantly sacrificing himself against the Leviathon so his daughter can escape, Tasha is torn from her reunion by her crew as they flee. Having escaped the clutches of the Lonestar organisation, Tasha and her team find themselves being sent back to the very place it all began in the search for the missing member of their team, Cortana - previously presumed to have died in the explosion. Commissioned by Cortana's father the team plunge deep into the heart of the Australian Outback looking for clues to what really happened to the young shadowrunner. The only reason Prime has agreed to go on what she feels is a fool hardy mission is to gain enough credits to infiltrate the dragons lair and reclaim what she has lost.

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Prime Alias
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